Bram Stoker

Centenary essays

Jarlath Killeen editor

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-407-4
March 2014. 206pp.

‘This collection comes together as a well-aligned book focusing on Stoker and his other works … Centenary Essays provides general readers with an easily accessible overview of the history of Gothic criticism and current trends in Bram Stoker studies, while it also serves specialists in supernatural/Gothic studies, locating Stoker within his Victorian and Edwardian milieu; the selections treat his personal writing, short stories and novels in terms of gender and race relations, folklore, technology, Irish themes, all read more or less through the lens of Stoker’s “life and writing”’, Joy Bracewell, Supernatural Studies (2015). 

‘This book represents the more serious and the more inquiring aspect of the extraordinary turnaround in the Victorian author’s reputation over the last couple of decades … here is food for thought for anyone interested in little-explored aspects of Irish culture', Irish Catholic (October 2014).

‘What emerges most compellingly from this volume is the impression of a man who rarely stopped writing … While Dracula remains a crucial text for understanding fin-de-siècle culture, Jarlath Killeen shows in his introduction that our obsession with the Transylvanian Count prevents us from appreciating Stoker’s larger achievement … Worldly, intelligent, good-humoured, Stoker the man is attractively served in this collection … The life and work of “the least-known author of the best-known book in the world” are reclaimed from the shadows in this restorative collection’, Sinéad Sturgeon, The TLS (2 May 2014).