Bram Stoker

Centenary essays

Jarlath Killeen editor

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March 2014. 206pp.

Introduction: remembering Bram Stoker
Jarlath Killeen

Bram Stoker: the child that went with the fairies
David J. Skal

Bram Stoker: the facts and the fictions
Paul Murray

Bram Stoker: a man of notes
Elizabeth Miller

Bram Stoker: Ireland and beyond
Carol A. Senf

The shoulder of Shasta: Bram Stoker’s California romance
Andrew J. Garavel, SJ

‘Rumours of the Great Plague’: medicine, mythology and the memory of the Sligo cholera in Bram Stoker’s Under the sunset
William Hughes

‘The sport of opposite forces’: Bram Stoker’s generational anxiety
David Floyd

‘See how the bog can preserve’: bogs, snakes and Irish stereotypes in The snake’s pass
Valeria Cavalli

The lair of the white worm; or, what became of Bram Stoker?
Darryl Jones

Mr Stoker’s holiday
Christopher Frayling