Ulster and Scotland, 1600–2000

History, language and identity

William P. Kelly & John R. Young, editors

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 1-85182-808-7
November 2004. 190pp.

‘... a rich and varied collection of essays displaying a wealth of valuable research’, Michael Hopkinson, History Scotland.

‘This is an eclectic collection. Given there are some well-known scholarly names amongst the contributors, authoritative summaries of some major themes might be expected, and these are certainly provided. This volume should be regarded as a sampler of recent and current work relating to the Ulster Scots … the editors have been served well by the publishers, who have delivered a handsome, well produced book', Brad Patterson, Irish Economic & Social History.

Ulster and Scotland, 1600–2000 is the first volume in a series planned by the Institute of Ulster Scots Studies at the University of Ulster. As the field of Irish-Scottish Studies is constantly expanding and Ulster Scots – both the people and the language – have found a place within this discipline, this series is a welcome addition …. Ulster and Scotland offers an interesting and very diverse collection of ideas and conclusions, and many migrations scholars will find valuable material in this work', Esther Mijers, Review of Scottish Culture.

‘Much of the value in this book lies in its inclusiveness so avoiding the multiple pitfalls inherent in imposing firm or limiting definitions. Neither individuals nor groups fit comfortably into reconceived categories and these papers give a vivid indication of the multiplicity of characters and characteristics that may be found in the ubiquitous Ulster Scot', Jennifer Harrison, Australian Journal of Politics and History.