Ulster and Scotland, 1600–2000

History, language and identity

William P. Kelly & John R. Young, editors

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ISBN: 1-85182-808-7
November 2004. 190pp.

Scotland & Ulster in the seventeenth century: the movement of peoples over the North Channel
John R. Young

Ulster unionism and the Scottish dimension
Graham Walker

‘For we are the Brighton Derry boys’: social and political linkages between Derry and Glasgow in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Máirtín Ó Catháin

Common ground in the Antipodes? Migration from Ulster and Scotland to New Zealand, 1800–1945
Jock Philips

‘Black ’97’: reconsidering Scottish migration to Ireland in the seventeenth century and the Scotch-Irish in America
Patrick Fitzgerald

The Scots and Ulster in the seventeenth century: a Scandinavian perspective
Steve Murdoch

The New England and federalist origins of ‘Scotch-Irish’ ethnicity
Kerby A. Miller

Ulster Scots: lost or submerged
Michael Montgomery

Gaelic, Scots & English: the politics of language in inter-war Scotland
Richard Finlay

The political identity of the Scots-speaking community in Scotland and Ulster, 1545–1760
David Horsburgh

‘Ravelling narratives’: Irish and Scottish Gaelic life stories compared
Alan Titley