The Viking Age: Ireland and the west

Proceedings of the fifteenth Viking Congress, Cork, 2005

John Sheehan & Donnchadh Ó Corráin, editors

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Conversion and the Church in Viking-Age Ireland
Lesley Abrams

Runic inscriptions and Viking-Age Ireland
Michael Barnes & Jan Ragnar Hagland

The Dunmore Cave [2] hoard and the role of coins in the tenth-century Hiberno-Scandinavian economy
Kristin Bornholdt Collins

Ragnarök and the stones of York
Paul C. Buckland

Unsung heroes: the Irish and the Viking wars
Howard B. Clarke

Peaceful wars and scientific invaders: Irishmen, Vikings and palynological evidence for the earliest settlement of the Faroe Islands
Kevin J. Edwards & Douglas B. Borthwick

Laithlinn, ‘Fair Foreigners’ and ‘Dark Foreigners’: the identity and provenance of Vikings in ninth-century Ireland
Colmán Etchingham

Place-names as evidence for urban settlements in Britain in the Viking Period
Gillian Fellows-Jensen

Ribe: continuity or discontinuity from the eighth to the twelfth century?
Claus Feveile

Norwegian crosses in the Hebrides and Shetland?
Ian Fisher

Late Viking-Age runestones in Uppland: some gender aspects
Anne-Sofie Gräslund

Weapons and warfare in Viking-Age Ireland
Andrew Halpin

The Suffolk Street sword: further notes on the College Green cemetery, Dublin
Stephen H. Harrison

Who were the Papar? Typological structures in Íslendingabók
Pernille Hermann

Viking elements in Irish towns: Cork and Waterford
Maurice F. Hurley

The warrior ideal in the Late Viking Age
Judith Jesch

The Vikings in Conemara
Eamonn Kelly

Dotted runes: where did they come from?
James E. Knirk

Kirkwall revisited
Raymond Lamb

Viking-Age and Norse poetry in the Hebrides
Alan M. Lane

Viking-Age queens and the formation of identity
Shannon Lewis-Simpson

The ledung and the continuity of warfare from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages: the example of Sweden
Thomas Lindkvist

The baptism of Harald Bluetooth
Niels Lund

King Magnus Bareleg’s adventures in the West: the making of a King’s Saga
Else Mundal

Urbanism and Christianity in Norway
Sæbjørg Walaker Nordeide

Rebuiling the ‘city of angels’: Muirchertach Ua Briain and Glendalough, c.1096–1111
Tomás Ó Carragáin

Culture clashes? The human remains from the Wood Quay excavations
Barra O’Donnabhain

Surtshellir: a fortified outlaw cave in West Iceland
Guðmundur Ólafsson, Kevin P. Smith & Thomas McGovern

Women in early towns
Ingvild Ǿye

Bridging the distribution gap: inscribed swords from Denmark
Anne Pedersen

Ninth-century Viking entries in the Irish annals: no ‘forty years’ rest’
Emer Purcell

The metal detector and the Viking Age in England
Julian D. Richards & John Naylor

From Scandinavia to Spain: a Viking-Age reliquary in León and its meaning
Else Roesdahl

The sagas and courtly love
Daniel Sävborg

Life and death among the Picts and Vikings at Westness
Berit J. Sellevold

Colonel Sempronius Stretton and the reprovenancing of a Viking-Age hoard
John Sheehan

Weapons and warfare in Icelandic place-names
Svavar Sigmundsson

The Finglas burial: archaeology and ethnicity in Viking-Age Dublin
Maeve Sikora

The first phase of Viking activity in Ireland: archaeological evidence from Dublin
Linzi Simpson

Close ties and long-range relations: the emporia network in early Viking-Age exchange
Søren M. Sindbæck

Ailikn’s wagon and Óðinn’s warriors: the picture son the Gotlandic Andre monuments
Þórgunmur Snædal

Ulfberht revisited: a classification
Anne Stalsberg

Toftanes and the early Christianity of the Faroe Islands
Steffen Stummann Hansen

Cosmic aspects of sanctuaries in Viking-Age Scandinavia with comparisons to the West-Slavic area
Olof Sundqvist

The making of a centre: the case of Reykhold, Iceland
Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir

Ethnicity and class in settlement-period Iceland
Orri Vésteinsson

Hedeby, the settlement and the harbour: old data and recent research
Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, Volker Hilberg, Scen Kalmring & Joachim Schultze

Plot-use and access in an eleventh-century Dublin building level
Patrick F. Wallace

On eið-names in Orkney and other North Atlantic islands
Doreen Waugh

Textiles that work for their living: a late eleventh-century cloth from Cork, Ireland
Elizabeth Wincott Heckett