Studies in late medieval and early renaissance texts in honour of John Scattergood

Anne Marie D'Arcy & Alan J. Fletcher, editors

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ISBN: 1-85182-929-6
June 2005. 416pp

The Testimony of William Thorpe
David Aers

Tournament and toxophily in late-medieval England
Valerie Allen

Chaucer’s fortune in the 1530s
Julia Boffey

Chaucer’s Book of the duchess
John A. Burrow

Sir Orfeo
Helen Conrad-O’Briain

The date of the Auchinleck manuscript
Helen Cooper

Henryson’s The testament of Cresseid
Anne Marie D’Arcy

The Canterbury tales
A.S.G. Edwards

‘The hunting of the hare’
Richard Firth Green

The pearl
Alan J. Fletcher

Some TCD manuscripts
Ralph Hanna

Chaucer’s Franklin’s tale
Angela M. Lucas

Capgrave’s The solace of pilgrimes
Peter J. Lucas

Piers Plowman
Alastair J. Minnis

Scenes of farewell in the middle ages
Charlotte C. Morse

The flower and the leaf and The assembly of ladies
Derek Pearsall

Remembering Edward I
Helen Phillips

The Alphabetical praise of women
Oliver S. Pickering

MS Harley 2253
Wendy Scase

Caxton’s History of Reynard the fox
James Simpson

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Myra Stokes

Manuscripts and texts associated with John Stow
John J. Thompson

St Erkenwald
Thorlac Turville-Petre

The Plowman’s tale
Greg Walker