Salvation according to the fathers of the church

The proceedings of the sixth international patristic conference, Maynooth/Belfast, 2005

D. Vincent Twomey SVD & Dirk Krausmüller, editors

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October 2010. 188pp.

Seeing salvation: contemporary and patristic perspectives
D. Vincent Twomey

Soter Theos: the patristic and Byzantine re-appropriation of an antique idea
John A. McGuckin

The life of the cross in St Athanasius
Mihail Neamtu

‘Like some crown of victory’: the sorteriology of Marcellus of Ancyra
Sara Parvis

Christ the scented apple and the fragrance of the world’s redemption: a theme in St Ambrose’s Commentary on Psalm 118
Finbarr G. Clancy Sj

Incarnation and salvation in Leontius of Byzantium
Maurice Dowling

The development of the sacred symbol in relation to Christology in the thought of St Maximus the Confessor
Catherine Kavanagh

Salvation and the liturgy: some examples from early Christian Ireland
Thomas O’Loughlin

Do we need to be stupid in order to be saved? Barlaam of Calabria and Gregory Palamas on knowledge and ignorance
Dirk Krausmüller

Palamite soteriology in Augustinian dress? Observations on Prochoros Kydones’ writings and translations of some works of Augustine
Josel Lössl

The cross in the public square: the column-mounted cross c.AD450–750
David Woods

The cross triumphant: Irish High Crosses
Hilary Richardson