Marsh's Library: a mirror on the world

Law, learning and libraries, 1650–1750

Muriel McCarthy & Ann Simmons, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-152-3
June 2009. 320pp; ills.

The expanding British world at the turn of the seventeenth century
Jack P. Greene

Six Anne, chapter 19: 'settling and preserving a Publick Library for ever'
Nial Osborough

Bishops as legislators: Marsh and his contemporaries
David Hayton

Aspects of the role of the Holy Office in Irish church affairs in the seventeenth century
Thomas O’Connor

The location of learning in mid-eighteenth-century Ireland
Michael Brown

Philip Skelton and the Irish origins of the British Protestant Counter-Enlightenment
C.D.A. Leighton

Memorials and martyrs in French Protestantism after the Revocation
Ruth Whelan

The library of Elie Bouhéreau
Philip Benedict & Pierre Olivier Léchot

The book-collecting activities of Bishop John Stearne
Toby Barnard

Writing history in seventeenth-century Ireland: Dudley Loftus’ Annals
Elizabethanne Boran

Irish manuscript collectors in the age of Marsh
Raymond Gillespie

Richard Helsham, Jonathan Swift, and the library of John Putland
Archibald Elias

Whose books? The Synge library catalogue of 1763
Marie-Louise Legg