Law in the city

Proceedings of the seventeenth British Legal History Conference 2005

Andrew Lewis, Paul Brand & Paul Mitchell, editors

Hardback €58.50
Catalogue Price: €65.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-038-0
June 2007. 360pp.

'At first sight, the proceedings of a Legal History Conference might not appear to be a bundle of laughs, but to dismiss such a book out of hand would be to rob oneself of an esoteric feast …. This is a book which keeps legal jargon to a minimum and offers a magic carpet which brings the reader back into another world when they did things differently and, after all, travel today which steers clear of beaches and golf courses always includes a visit to the past …. A book like this may at times seem to those who are allergic to legal jargon but, in fact, will not suffer here. It would be a pity to quibble over minutiae of legal jargon and to miss the adventure of time travel', J. Ardle McArdle, Books Ireland.