Law in the city

Proceedings of the seventeenth British Legal History Conference 2005

Andrew Lewis, Paul Brand & Paul Mitchell, editors

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June 2007. 360pp.

The City and the common law: the contribution of London to modern English law
Penny Tucker

Glanvill Continued: a reassessment
Sarah Tullis

Consanguinity and the common law: ‘idle ingenuities’ in Bracton?
Samantha Worby

The making of English thirteenth-century legislation: some
new evidence
Paul Brand

Thirteenth-century legislation on mortmain alienations in Flanders and its influence upon France and England
Dirk Heirbaut

Feodo de Compedibus Vocato le Sewet: the medieval prison ‘oeconomy’
Jonathan Rose

The trust beneficiary’s interest before R. v. Holland
N.G. Jones

Localism v. centralism: tensions in the administration of tax in nineteenth-century England and America
Chantal Stebbings

The will theory of contract in the nineteenth century: its influence and its limitations
Warren Swain

The ‘creation’ of the default judgment in nineteenth-century English procedural reforms
Carla Crifò

Poor law in the city: a comparative analysis of the successful legal resistance to the implementation of the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 in the cities of Chester and Liverpool
Lorie Charlesworth

The lord chancellor, the poets and the courtesan: public morality and copyright law in the early nineteenth century
Isabella Alexander

Legal education in England and the German historical school of law in the nineteenth century
Marcel Senn

Law and India at King’s College London
Paul Mitchell

Dragging the law into disrepute
Ruth Paley

What were the principles of nineteenth-century contract law?
Stephen Waddams

Urban commons: from customary use to community right on Scotland’s bleaching greens
Andrea Loux Jarman