Dante and the human body

John C. Barnes & Jennifer Petrie, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-090-8
January 2007. 240pp.

The essays in this volume explore Dante’s interest in the human body from various intellectual standpoints, the contributors being a mixture of historians, literary scholars and theologians.

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Contributors: Simon A. Gilson (University of Warwick), Vivian Nutton (Wellcome Trust Centre, University of London), Joseph Ziegler (University of Haifa), Simone De Angelis (University of Berne), Manuele Gragnolati (Somerville College, Oxford), Elizabeth Mozzillo-Howell (formerly of the University of Cambridge), Vittorio Montemaggi (Churchill College, Cambridge), Oliver Davies (King’s College, London).

The main area of John C. Barnes’ research includes both Dante and other aspects of medieval Florentine culture; Jennifer Petrie has devoted her scholarly endeavour to Dante, Petrarch, St Caterina de’ Ricci and 16th-century women Petrarchist poets.