Dante and the human body

John C. Barnes & Jennifer Petrie, editors

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January 2007. 240pp.

The anatomy and physiology of the human body in the Commedia
Simon A. Gilson

Dante, medicine and the invisible body
Vivian Nutton

The scientific context of Dante’s embryology
Joseph Ziegler

Sanatio and Salvatio: ‘body’ and soul in the experience of Dante’s Afterlife
Simone De Angelis

Nostalgia in heaven: embraces, affection and identity in the Commedia
Manuele Gragnolati

Divina anatomia: laying bare body and soul in the Commedia
Elizabeth Mozzillo-Howell

'‘La rosa in che il verbo divino carne si fece’: human bodies and truth in the poetic narrative of the Commedia
Vittorio Montemaggi

World and body: a study in Dante’s cosmological hermeneutics
Oliver Davies