Spirit of Revolution

Ireland from below, 1917–1923

John Cunningham & Terry Dunne, editors

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March 2024. 288pp. Ills. Hardback

Spirit of Revolution: Ireland from below 1917-1923 is a volume which shines a light on parts of our history which has been neglected over the decades ... It is a book that must be read." Mayor of Sligo Cllr Declan Bree 

“The editors of Spirit of Revolution have done a fine job in bringing together a number of new scholars of independent Ireland with some established names to explore history from below. That is the history of the ordinary people of Ireland or, as the editors say, the movements and the people who were defeated and demoralized ... This volume is very welcome as an antidote to the high politics that has driven much modern historical scholarship ... we get a fascinating tour of class, labour, and gender struggles and strikes in places as diverse as allotments in Dublin, the Castlecomer coal field in Kilkenny, agricultural labourers in Athy and Maugherow, and the small holders and landless of rural Galway.” Gary Murphy (the Irish Examiner, April 2023)