Spirit of Revolution

Ireland from below, 1917–1923

John Cunningham & Terry Dunne, editors

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March 2024. 288pp. Ills. Hardback

John Cunningham & Terry Dunne
A spirit of revolution? Introductory reflections

Anne Boran
"The change was not to be in symbol only but also in substance": contested freedoms in the Castlecomer coalfield

Johnny Burke
A "bolshie spirit"? Agrarian mobilizations in Co. Galway in 1920

John Cunningham
A "soviet at Galway"? William J. Larkin, Stephen Cremen and the town tenant mobilization of May 1922

Terry Dunne
"Strike out for yourselves": land and labour from the Boyne to the Barrow

Mary Forrest
"Eager to produce food": the United Irish Plotholders’ Union

Brian Hanley
"The only people who would take a risk": maritime workers and the Irish revolution

Dominic Haugh
The "dreaded menace of the Red Flag": the Munster soviets of 1922

Liam Alex Heffron
"Famous only as far as the wanders of a lame dog": the Volunteers of Moygownagh C Company

Moira Leyden
"They were the coming men - Ireland's hope": the mobilization of agricultural labourers in Maugherow, Co. Sligo, 1917-20

Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh
"No such sight has been seen in Belfast since Dissenter and Catholic united in 1791": the Workers' Union and the Belfast Labour Party

Kieran McNulty
"More militant than the men": women’s activism, class and revolution in Kerry

Theresa Moriarty
"They felt it was their duty to stimulate that discontent": women at the Irish Trade Union Congress, 1916–23

Gerry Watts
"Welcome back Jim": the mobilization of Dublin workers on the return of James Larkin in 1923