Manuscripts in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Cultures and connections

Claire Breay & Joanna Story, editors

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May 2021. 256pp. Colour Ills. Large Format.

Claire Breay and Joanna Story

The original Lindisfarne gospels?
Dáibhì Ó Cróinìn

The Royal-Otho-Corpus / Cambridge-London /Parker-Cotton-Wolsey Gospels
Bernard Meehan

Writing at Wearmouth-Jarrow
Richard Gameson

The European context of manuscript illumination in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, 600-900
Lawrence Nees

Insular manuscripts in Carolingian Francia
Joanna Story

Anglo-Saxon links with Rome and the Franks in the light of the Würzburg book-list
Rosamond McKitterick

The transmission and reception of Alfredian 'Apocrypha'
David F. Johnson

The lector and lectio in Anglo-Saxon England
Teresa Webber

The 'Canterbury letter-book': Alcuin and after
Simon Keynes

The Wolf at work: uncovering Wulfstan's compositional method
Jonathan Wilcox

On the Italian provenance of the Vercelli Book
Winfried Rudolf

Anglo-Saxon travellers and their books
Francesca Tinti

A Fleury model for singing at Winchester
Susan Rankin

Fragments of some Anglo-Saxon service books in Norway and Sweden
Michael Gullick