An Insular odyssey

Manuscript culture in early Christian Ireland and beyond

Rachel Moss, Felicity O'Mahony & Jane Maxwell, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-633-7
November 2017. 336pp; full colour illustrations

'[T]he volume provides a useful conspectus of current approaches to the study of early insular manuscripts ... wide ranging and beautifully illustrated', Jeffrey F. Hamburger, The Burlington Magazine (Sept. 2018).

'This handsomely produced volume [with an] impressive roster of scholars who have contributed seventeen stimulating essays ... The volume is in many respects distinctively different from what might have been expected a generation ago. First, it is lavishly illustrated, and with illustrations in colour scattered through the text ... A final aspect of the volume is the importance of new discoveries on a variety of levels', Lawrence Nees, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies (2018).

'A handsome volume, well designed and richly illustrated ... properly sewn (unlike the shoddy gluing of individual pages into a casing that most academic publishers have now lamentably adopted) ... Six contributors stand out as essential reading for workers in the field ... To sum up: the volume offers a range of approaches to insular manuscripts and art to suit all tastes, plus, most importantly, a genuine addition to the corpus of material and some new 'hard' data, all handsomely presented.' - Richard Gameson, Medieval Archaeology Volume 62.1 (2018).