An Insular odyssey

Manuscript culture in early Christian Ireland and beyond

Rachel Moss, Felicity O'Mahony & Jane Maxwell, editors

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November 2017. 336pp; full colour illustrations

Rachel Moss, Felicity O’Mahony and Jane Maxwell

Bernard Meehan: a personal recollection
Peter Fox

Early medieval approaches to establishing origin and provenance for Insular copies of scripture
Michelle P. Brown

Usserianus Primus and the movements of scripts
Mark Stansbury

The earliest Echternach liturgical manuscript fragments: Irish or Anglo-Saxon?
Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

How many cows did it take to make the Book of Kells?
Denis Casey

Examining the Book of Dimma, the scribe Dianchride and the Gospel of John
John Gillis & Bernard Meehan

Shining a light on the pigments of early Irish manuscripts
Susie Bioletti & Allyson Smith

A note on the transmission of materials and techniques among goldsmith, illuminator and scribe
Paul Mullarkey

Cognition, colour and number in the Book of Durrow and other Insular gospel books
Heather Pulliam

The circular drawing in the Book of Mulling and its relationship to the Fleury Prayer Book
Dominique Barbet-Massin

The art historical and palaeographic contexts of the Irish fragments, St Gallen Codex 1395
Carol A. Farr

Monastic dress and the appearance of sanctity: the evangelists' shoes
Colleen M. Thomas

Prayer and the imagery atop canon table II in the Book of Kells
William Endres

Observations on the Book of Kells, folios 8r and 130r
Felicity O'Mahony

Fragments of a Latin gospel book in Insular majuscule similar to the script of the Book of Kells
Francis Newton & Robert G. Babcock

The Garland of Howth (TCD MS 56)
Rachel Moss

Continuity and development of the smaller initials in Irish manuscripts, c.500–c.1500
Timothy O'Neill

Exhibiting the Lindisfarne Gospels
Claire Breay