The colonial world of Richard Boyle, first earl of Cork

David Edwards & Colin Rynne, editors

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December 2017. 272pp; colour ills.

Introduction: Richard Boyle and his colonial world
David Edwards & Colin Rynne    

Shapeshifters and mimics: exploring elite strategies in the early modern British Atlantic                
Audrey Horning

Theory and practice in the Munster plantation: the estates of Richard Boyle, first earl of Cork, 1602–43
David Heffernan

Boyle and the East India Company in Co. Cork: a case study in colonial competition  
Joseph Nunan

Virginian connections: the wider Atlantic setting of Boyle’s Munster estate and clientele’
David Edwards

Colonial entrepreneur and urban developer: the economic and industrial infrastructure on Boyle’s Munster estates
Colin Rynne

The metallurgical enterprises of Richard Boyle
Paul Rondelez

‘A godly resolution to rebuild’: Richard Boyle’s patronage of elite architecture
James Lyttleton

Acquiring magnificence: the material world of Richard Boyle
Jane Fenlon

The land-grabber’s accomplices: Richard Boyle’s Munster affinity, 1588–1603
David Edwards

The first earl of Cork and Gaelic Carberry
Kenneth Nicholls

‘Good ladies and ill wives’: Richard Boyle’s female tenants and servants in Munster
Clodagh Tait

Richard Boyle’s private army: the creation of a colonial security force in Early Stuart Munster
David Edwards

Boyle’s war: the earl of Cork and the first Bishop’s War
Patrick Little