War and peace in Dante

John C. Barnes & Daragh O'Connell, editors

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-420-3
May 2015. 264pp.

‘The book continues the tradition of the UCD Foundation for Italian Studies series by involving not only Dante experts but also scholars with a range of specialisms and approaches, thus bringing interesting and dynamic new perspectives to familiar episodes and themes; this is a wide-ranging and insightful volume that will be of interest to any student of Dante’s social and political thought’, Kevin Marples, Modern Language Review (April 2017). 

‘Dantists will find the essays on the Monarchia more persuasive than those on the Comedy that collapse representation into history. War in the Comedy is always in dialogue with peace; those essays that most attend to the poetics of their correlation make the collection all the more worth reading’, Warren Ginsberg, Speculum (January 2017).

'War and peace in Dante approaches two of the more ambitious and ambiguous topics relating to Dantean scholarship with intellectual depth. In addition, the contributors both admirably raise probing questions and provide a multitude of relevant interpretations. The variety of topics analyzed pertaining to war and peace, along with the choice of texts incorporated, place the work as a valuable new contribution to Dante Studies', Kristina Varade, Forum Italicum (Autumn 2017).