War and peace in Dante

John C. Barnes & Daragh O'Connell, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-420-3
May 2015. 264pp.

‘Guerre conviene surgere’: Dante and war
John C. Barnes

Dante and just war
Joseph Canning

Differentiation or destruction? The effects of war on human and social bodies in the Commedia
Hannah Skoda

Storming the barbican: a military reading of Inferno VIII–IX
John C. Barnes

A war of words: the politics of argumentation in Brunetto Latini and Dante
Stephen Milner

The warfare within: conflict resolution and integration of the personality in Purgatorio
Spencer Pearce

The utility of peace in Monarchia
Matthew Kempshall

‘Per aver pace co’ seguaci sui’: civil, spiritual and erotic peace in the Francesca episode
Elena Lombardi

‘E ’n la sua volontade è nostra pace’: peace, justice and the Trinity in the Commedia
Vittorio Montemaggi

The pursuit of peace in Dante and Petrarch
Pamela Williams