Envisioning Christ on the cross

Ireland and the early medieval West

Juliet Mullins Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh & Richard Hawtree editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-387-9
August 2013. 400pp; large format, colour ills.

Part I. God hanging from a cross

The Maskell Passion Ivories and Greco-Roman art: notes on the iconography of crucifixion
Felicity Harley McGowan

Imagining the cross on Good Friday: rubric, ritual and relic in early medieval Roman, Gallican and Hispanic liturgical traditions
Louis van Tongeren

Seeing the crucified Christ: image and meaning in early Irish manuscript art
Jennifer O’Reilly

The Blythburgh Tablet: envisioning the wounds of Christ
Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Some questions on the function and iconography of the cross in the Asturian kingdom
César García de Castro Valdés

Christ on the cross in Eriugena’s Carmina for Charles the Bald
Richard Hawtree

The liturgical cross and the space of the Passion: the diptych of Angers MS 24
Beatrice Kitzinger

Mass and the Eucharist in the Christianizing of early medieval Europe
Celia Chazelle

Part II. Contemplate the wounds of the crucified

Sacrifice and salvation in Echtgus Úa Cúanáin’s poetic treatise on the Eucharist
Elizabeth Boyle

Preaching the Passion: imitatio Christi and the passions and homilies of the Leabhar Breac
Juliet Mullins

The Volto Santo’s legendary and physical image
Michele Bacci

Romanesque majestats: a typology of Christus triumphans in Catalonia
Jordi Camps i Sòria

Medieval painted crosses in Italy: perspectives of research
Katharina Christa Schüppel

Towards an emotive Christ? Changing depictions of the crucifixion on the Irish high cross
Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh

Irish crucifixion plaques: a reassessment
Griffin Murray

The cross at the heart of the Trinity: an Anglo-Norman development in art and theology
John Munns

Antelami’s Deposition at Parma: a liturgical reading
Elizabeth C. Parker