The medieval imagination: mirabile dictu

Essays in honour of Yolande de Pontfarcy Sexton

Phyllis Gaffney & Jean-Michel Picard, editors

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-328-2
April 2012. 214pp.

‘The chapters in this volume may take a wide range of approaches from literary to historical, from ethnographic to semiotic, but they are unified in their focus on medieval imaginative literature, and each work is rich in both insight and detail …an impressive collection, bound together by a fascinating theme explore meticulously from a wide range of perspectives. This is one for every medievalist’s bookshelf', Frances McCormack, Óenach: FMRSI Reviews (2013).

‘Glyn Burgess’s [provides a] masterly edition and translation of the Lai de l’Espervier … Different readers will undoubtedly find favourites according to their interests and tastes … all the essays in chorus, as well as the handsome book jacket, amply fulfil their purpose of illustrating and honouring the multiple accomplishments of Yolande de Pontfarcy Sexton', Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner, French Studies (April 2013).

Offers a rich array of scholarly insights. It is successfully constructed around a number of unifying themes which include, and extend beyond, the research interests of the honorand … In the first chapters, “The Lay of Espervier”, Glynn Burgess provides an invaluable critical edition of a lay the last published edition of which appeared in 1883. This is an important resource … Evelyn Mullally [has] a fascinating chapter … The volume concludes with a thoughtful and rich chapter by Grace Neville’, Sarah Alyn Stacey, Modern Language Review (October 2013).

‘A fitting tribute to an extraordinary scholar', Peter Costello, Irish Catholic (August 2012).