The medieval imagination: mirabile dictu

Essays in honour of Yolande de Pontfarcy Sexton

Phyllis Gaffney & Jean-Michel Picard, editors

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April 2012. 214pp.

The lay of Espervier
edited by Glyn S. Burgess

Roland, Olivier and the strangeness of words
Joseph Long

When the wind blows: youthful automata in three Old French poems
Phyllis Gaffney

Court and cloister: some literary devices in the Vie des Pères
Tony Hunt

Un homologue du ‘morceau du champion’ en ancien français
Richard Glyn Roberts & Jenny Rowland

‘Con freno e con isproni’: equine imagery in Dante
John C. Barnes

Petrarch and the myth of Daedalus
Jennifer Petrie

Ticfa didiu rí aili foræ: prophecy, sovereignty narratives and medieval Irish historiography
Kevin Murray

Uses and abuses of foundation legends: the case of Evesham Abbey
Howard B. Clarke

The methodical and the marvellous in the description of Paris by Guillebert de Mets (1434)
Evelyn Mullally

Le merveilleux et l’espace européen: l’Irlande et les Irlandais dans la literature médiévale français (XIIe–XVe siècles)
Éamon Ó Ciosáin

Le faubourg du purgatoire? St Patrick’s purgatory in French traveller accounts from the early modern period onwards
Grace Neville