Victims or viragos?

Studies on medieval and early modern women, 4

Christine Meek & Catherine Lawless editors

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September 2005. 240pp; ills.

Emma of Normandy
Maia Sheridan

Matilda of Tuscany
Patrick Healy

Adela of Blois
Kimberly A. LoPrete

Blessed Chiara of Montefalco
Cordelia Warr

Alastair Malcom Female power at the French and Spanish courts in the 17th century
Linda Kiernan

Women involved in crime in medieval England
Richard J. Sims

Women who participated in the medieval crusades
Conor Kostick

Women in the wars of 17th-century Ireland
Bernadette Whelan

‘Women’s issues’ as debated by Protestant reformers
Helga Robinson-Hammerstein

The 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment
Michael Brown 

The participants, women as well as men, in the French Revolution
Colm Ó Conail