The ghost story from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century

Helen Conrad-O'Briain & Julie Anne Stevens, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-239-1
October 2010. 288pp.

Julie Anne Stevens

Transformations of the ghost story in post-Reformation England
Peter Marshall

Telling tales in Robert Mannyng deBrun’s Handlyng synne
Andrew J. Power

‘The gates of hell shall not prevail against it’: Laudian Ecclesia and Victorian culture wars in the ghost stories of M.R. James
Helen Conrad-O’Briain

Robert Aickman, the ghost story and the idea of Englishness
Darryl Jones

Gendering the ghost story? Victorian women and the challenge of the phantom
Jarlath Killeen

‘This voice out of the unseen’: love, death and mourning in the writing of Margaret Oliphant
Elizabeth McCarthy

Sheridan Le Fanu and the spectral empire
Nicholas Allen

The true artistry of Oscar Wilde: sources and style in ‘The Canterville ghost’
Anne Markey

Flashlights and fiction: the development of the modern Irish ghost story
Julie Anne Stevens

Things at once spectral and human: Robert Louis Stevenson’s ghosts
Jenny McDonnell

Pictures of the floating world: Keri Hulme’s post-apocalyptic New Zealand
Melanie Otto

‘Taking noiseless turns in the passage’: phantoms and floor plans in Henry James’ The turn of the screw
Dara Downey

‘The consecration of his enterprise’: Henry James’ ‘The real right thing’
Stephen Matterson

Edith Wharton’s wartime ghosts
Ann Patten

Hideous doughnuts and haunted housewives: Gothic undercurrents in Shirley Jackson’s domestic humour
Bernice M. Murphy

A ‘dramar in reel life’: freaky dolls, M.R. James and modern children’s ghost stories
Jane Suzanne Carroll

Hauntedness: Edgar Allen Poe and Chuck Palahniuk
Philip Coleman