Newspapers and empire in Ireland and Britain

Reporting the British Empire, c.1857–1921

Simon Potter, editor

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December 2004. 240pp.

The press and the dominant ideology of empire
John M. MacKenzie

Empire and the English press, c.1857–1914
Simon J. Potter

Empire and the Scottish press
Richard Finlay

Empire and the Welsh press
William Jones & Aled Jones

The Mutiny or freedom fight: the 1857 Indian Insurrection and the Irish press
Jill C. Bender

The dog in the night-time: the Freeman's Journal, the Irish Parliamentary Party and the empire, 1875–1919
Felix M. Larkin

'The view from Fleet Street': Irish nationalist journalists in London and their attitudes towards empire, 1892–1898
Ian Sheehy

Nationalist and unionist attitudes to empire in the age of the South African War, 1899–1902
Donal Lowry

An Irish perspective on empire: William Flavelle Monypenny and empire
Jacqueline Beaumont

The Irish-American press and the South African war
Úna Ní Bhroiméil

The South African war, empire and the Irish World
Angus Mitchell

John Bull's other empire: Roger Casement and the press, 1898–1916
Angus Mitchell