A guide to sources for the history of Irish education, 1780–1922

Susan M. Parkes

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-128-8
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-127-1

April 2010. 208pp; ills.

‘The Maynooth Research Guides in Irish Local History series delivers an invaluable service, providing the researcher (both amateur and professional) with easily accessible direction and practical advice covering a broad range of subjects useful in local history studies and more mainstream historical research … Susan M. Parkes is eminently qualified to assess the suitability and availability of Ireland’s educational records … This guide is strongly recommended as a first step for those seeking a research project in this field. The format and content not only succinctly deliver guidance for those in the initial stages of research, but also provide the impetus for further historical research in the history of Irish education’, Gabrielle Ashford, Irish Economic and Social History (2013).

‘In this research guide the author displays an encyclopaedic knowledge of sources, first-hand acquaintance with many of them and their repositories, a keen interest in the interface between the macro and the micro in educational history, and interest in the personal, socio-economic and political lives of teachers and school promoters. Sources are brought to life by incisive, interlinking commentary, and by well-informed contextualisation … this Guide is a distinguished and distinctive work which will be of inestimable value to researchers into the history of Irish education’, John Coolahan, Family & Community History (November 2010).

‘The book is comprised of three parts, the first dealing with the history, organisation and administration of Irish education during the period 1750 to the early 1920s. The second section surveys the main archival repositories, both public and private, where education records are held and assesses the value and importance of these records. The final part intriguingly offers a sample local study bringing together the various resources available to the researcher … With copious footnotes, references and the select bibliography the author has provided the student and researcher of the history of Irish education with the wonderful guide to the available sources and in doing so, she has opened up a world of possibilities for the genealogist and the local historian', Michael Merrigan, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette (July 2010).

‘Parkes provides an introductory guide for students and researchers investigating the history of Irish education at national and local levels. The guide outlines key issues of education policy during the period from 1750 to 1922, surveys the main Irish and British archival repositories, both public and private, where education records are held, evaluates the value and importance of these records for the history of education, and offers guidelines for researching the history of education in a locality', Reference & Research Book News (August 2010).