Community in early modern Ireland

Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin & Robert Armstrong editors

Hardback €54.00
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ISBN: 1-85182-959-8
October 2006. 272pp.

'A thought-provoking collection which justifies fully the editors conviction that this is an important and fruitful way of approaching Early Modern Irish history', Alan Ford, Irish Economic and Social History (2007).

‘This publication has a great deal to offer scholars and students of Irish history in terms of its stimulating engagement with both theoretical and methodological issues pertaining to the use of ‘community’ in an Irish context. It therefore represents an important milestone in bringing the historiography of early modern Ireland more in step with that of early modern Britain and Europe’, Mary Ann Lyons, Studia Hibernica (October 2008).

‘It is fair to say that each of the essays in this volume represents an interesting and, in some cases, significant contribution to the understanding of early modern Ireland…this is a volume that will be quarried for the material in the essays – which are of a high standard…it highlights the importance of sharpening the conceptual tools that we apply to the evidence. If it encourages others to engage with the questions that it raises, it will have performed a useful service', Raymond Gillespie, Irish Historical Studies (May 2008).

‘The idea that a history of “community” in early modern Ireland might be needed may seem like an odd one to local historians who regard the history of people and places to be exactly that of “communities” and to be their bread and butter. This collection of essays, particularly in the introduction, does a service by relating these endeavours to the wider methodologies of the social sciences and humanities', Eoin Magennis, Seancas Ard Maca (2009).