Clubs and societies in eighteenth-century Ireland

James Kelly & Martyn J. Powell, editors

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May 2010. 496pp.

Part One: Background

James Kelly & Martyn J. Powell

Club life in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Ireland: in search of an associational world, c.1680–c.1730
Patrick Walsh

Part Two: Intellectual and Improving Societies

The Dublin Society and other improving societies, 1731–85
Toby Barnard

Charitable societies: their genesis and development, 1720–1800
James Kelly

Dublin’s commercial clubs
Lisa Marie Griffith

Annuity societies in eighteenth-century Ireland
Jennifer Kelly

Book clubs and reading societies in the late eighteenth century
Johanna Archbold

Configuring the Irish Enlightenment: reading the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy
Michael Brown

Part Three: Political Societies

Loyal societies in Ireland, 1690–1790
Jacqueline Hill

The Aldermen of Skinner’s Alley: ultra-Protestantism before the Orange Order
Martyn J. Powell

The patriot clubs of the 1750s
Bob Harris

The Society of Free Citizens and other popular political clubs, 1749–89
Martyn J. Powell

Elite political clubs, 1770–1800
James Kelly

Opposition political clubs and societies, 1790–8
Ultán Gillen

Part Four: Convivial, Sociable and Sporting Societies

Masonic sociability and its limitations: the case of Ireland
Petri Mirala

The Dublin Hellfire Club
David Ryan

‘Beef, claret and communication’: convivial clubs in the public sphere, 1750–1800
Martyn J. Powell

The Bar Club, 1787–93: a dining club case study
James Kelly

Hunting clubs and societies
Martyn J. Powell

The pastime of the elite: clubs and societies and the promotion of horse racing
James Kelly

Part Five: Regional Sociability

Clubs and societies in eighteenth-century Munster
David A. Fleming

Loyal clubs and societies in Ulster, 1770–1800
Allan Blackstock

Clubs and societies in eighteenth-century Belfast
Eoin Magennis