Adomnán of Iona

Theologian, lawmaker, peacemaker

Jonathan Wooding, editor

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-102-8
July 2010. 336pp.

With Rodney Aist, Thomas Clancy & Thomas O'Loughlin.

The abbot of Iona in the late 7th century, Adomnán, a kinsmen of the founder St Columba, was one of the most remarkable thinkers of his era. The author of the magnificent Life of Columba as well a widely-influential guide to the Holy Places of the Near East, he was also responsible for the celebrated Cáin Adomnáin – a ground-breaking law tract on the protection of non-combatants. Adomnán was also a major figure in the Easter Controversy and his scholarship directly influenced that of Bede. The studies in this volume, rising from a conference held on Iona on the 13th centenary of Adomnán’s death, celebrate his achievements.

Jonathan M. Wooding is senior lecturer in theology and religious studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter, and the coeditor of Ireland and Wales in the Middle Ages (2007).