The Irish Revenue Police, 1832–1857

A complete alphabetical list, short history and genealogical guide

Jim Herlihy

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-702-0
Coming March 2018. 192pp; illustrations.

In the period 1832 to 1857 some 3,700 men served in the Irish Revenue Police. In this book, Jim Herlihy shows how to find information on these policemen, providing an excellent resource for those interested in the history of the IRP and the Irish Famine period.

A chapter on the history and origin of the Irish Revenue Police and its predecessor forces engaged in ‘still-hunting’ is followed by a section in tracing your ancestors in the IRP. A complete list of IRP stations and Revenue Police Parties and their geographical distribution is shown. The rank structure and duties of the IRP is enumerated. To demonstrate the richness of the sources for constructing IRP biographies a rare case history of IRP Lieutenant Matthew Power (1820–84), later Chief Constable of Worcester (1861–84) who served in the IRP from 1847 to 1854 in included. The complete list includes every man who served in the IRP, giving his surname, forename and year of enlistment and indicates those, who on disbandment of the IRP on 1 October 1857 transferred to the (Royal) Irish Constabulary (519), the Dublin Metropolitan Police (48), the Londonderry City Police (3) or progressed to become Resident Magistrates (3). In the case of those ex-IRP men who joined the RIC, their registered numbers are given and whether they subsequently were dismissed, resigned, pensioned or died during their RIC service. Of those 496 ex-IRP men who were disbanded and did not subsequently join another police service, their name, final rank, station and gratuity amount is given.

Jim Herlihy, a retired member of the Garda Síochána and a co-founder of the Garda Síochána Historical Society, has worked on these sources for many years. His many publications include The Royal Irish Constabulary: a short history and genealogical guide (2016) and Royal Irish Constabulary officers: a biographical dictionary and genealogical guide, 1816–1922 (2005).