More than concrete blocks, vol. II

Dublin city's twentieth-century buildings and their stories: 1940–73

Ellen Rowley, editor

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Catalogue Price: €24.95
ISBN: 978-1-902703-45-9
Coming Spring 2018. 352pp; full colour.

This three-volume series of architectural history books are abundantly illustrated and accessibly written for the general reader. Full of new research, photography and previously unseen archive images and drawings, they unpack the history of Dublin’s architecture during the twentieth century by presenting both an overview and more detailed examinations of a rich array of buildings. Something of a hybrid series, each book is fronted by introductory essays, providing local and international context, and after a selection of in-depth building case studies throwing light on often little-known sites and architectures, the book turns into a guidebook. Chronologically organised, the guidebook is a simple and a colourful survey of Dublin’s built fabric during the period. This series was commissioned by Dublin City Council Heritage Office with University College Dublin.

Volume II explores Dublin’s architectural history from 1940 to 1973. There are 35 case studies, markedly mixed in terms of building type and public awareness, from city-centre schools to the nation’s bus station (Busaras); from a suburban Catholic church and flat schemes to radical office buildings. Volume II covers the middle of the twentieth century, including the largely overlooked 1940s and 1950s. It presents a contentious built history which saw the not-always-welcome rise of architectural modernism, at the service of a modernizing Ireland. 

Contributors: Natalie de Róiste, Merlo Kelly, Shane O’Toole, Carole Pollard and Ellen Rowley, photography by Paul Tierney.