Paris – capital of Irish culture

France, Ireland and the Republic, 1798–1916

Pierre Joannon & Kevin Whelan, editors

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November 2017. 256pp; colour ills.

Pierre Joannon & Kevin Whelan

Paris: the promised land?
Pierre Joannon

Paris: capital of Irish culture
Kevin Whelan

Paris, 1796: birthplace of the first Irish Republic? Tone's mission to France and Irish sovereignty
Sylvie Kleinman

Was Bonaparte in the GPO? The legend of Napoleon in Irish history, 1796–1916
Thomas Bartlett

Catholicism, republicanism and race: Ireland in nineteenth-century French thought
Seamus Deane

Daniel O'Connell, a model for France; Paris of the barricades, an example for Young Ireland
Laurent Colantonio

John Patrick Leonard and the Irish colony in Paris, 1848–89
Janick Julienne

Maud Gonne and Irish revolutionary agitation in Paris
Anne Magny

'Shattered glass and toppling masonry': war damage in Paris and Dublin
Justin Dolan Stover

Paris, diplomatic capital of the world: Sinn Féin diplomatic initiatives, 1919–21
Pierre Ranger

Ludovic Naudeau and the Irish War of Independence
Pierre Joannon

Roger Chauviré's perspective on 1916 and its aftermath
Phyllis Gaffney

Paris, Dublin, and the world republic of letters
Barry McCrea

Pierre Joannon & Kevin Whelan