Imagining alternative Irelands in 1912

Cultural discourse in the periodical press

Brian Ward

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-650-4
September 2017. 240pp; ills.

'The Ireland that emerged after 1916 is usually portrayed as fundamentally different from the one envisaged for the post-Home Rule period. In some respects, it was. However, one of the more interesting conclusions of this study is how “many of the key conceptions of nationalism that fed into the creation of the [Irish] Free State were already evident and in practice a decade prior to the Irish revolution”.

The aspects of social and cultural life that this book highlights include ‘impure’ literature, female suffrage, national and ‘foreign’ sports, music and the literary revival as they were represented in the periodicals and newspapers under consideration [...]

[T]he fascinating material [...] provides a useful corrective to the “All changed, changed utterly” trope commonly used in relation to the 1916 Rising', Felix Larkin, Irish Catholic.