The world of the galloglass

Kings, warlords and warriors in Ireland and Scotland, 1200–1600

Seán Duffy, editor

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July 2016. 236pp; illustrations.

The prehistory of the galloglass
Seán Duffy

Moray, Ulster and the MacWilliams
Alasdair Ross

Dealing death from Man: Manx sea power in and around the Irish Sea, 1079-1265
R. Andrew McDonald

A dead man at Ballyshannon
Alex Woolf

Scottish mercenary kindreds in Ireland, 1250-1600
Kenneth Nicholls

Images of the galloglass in poems to the MacSweeneys
Katharine Simms

James V, king of Scotland – and Ireland?
Alison Cathcart

Having the right kit: West Highlanders fighting in Ireland
David H. Caldwell

Images of Scottish warriors in later Irish bardic poetry
Wilson McLeod

Securing the Jacobean succession: the secret career of James Fullerton of Trinity College, Dublin
David Edwards