The Rivers Dodder and Poddle

Mills, storms, droughts and the public water supply

Don McEntee & Michael Corcoran

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This title is currently only available for US deliveries
ISBN: 978-1-907002-24-3
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ISBN: 978-1-907002-27-4

April 2016. 296pp; colour ills.

The Rivers Dodder and Poddle is the first in a new series of books issued by Dublin City Council to explore the engineering history and heritage of the city. This well-researched and lively book gives a complete overview of two notable rivers in Dublin city and county.

Over many years the River Dodder, rich in history and archaeology, has been the engrossing subject of numerous books and papers. Most of what has been written focuses on particular aspects of the river, e.g. flora and fauna or folklore and legend. In contrast, this book concentrates on the engineering history and topography while not neglecting other relevant issues of the river and the Bohernabreena Reservoirs. The Dodder’s role in supplying water to Rathmines and Rathgar and the later integration of this system with the wider Dublin public water network is also explained. Information has been collected from a wide range of very diverse sources – some of them contradictory – and only inserted on verification. The Bohernabreena Reservoirs, more properly known as the Glenasmole Reservoirs, and their unique role in water supply, millers’ compensation rights and flood control, are a central feature of these pages. The authors describe the Dodder – as with any other river, having its own unique catchment and other attributes - from as many other different viewpoints as possible. The Poddle - which in essence is a tributary of the Dodder – is also explored. This river, which is now mostly underground, is famous for the Dubh Linn, the peaty pool which formed at its confluence with the river Liffey.

Michael Corcoran was a draughtsman with Dublin City Council's Drainage Division for 24 years and is the author of several works including Our Good Health: a history of Dublin's water and drainage (2005). Don McEntee was Senior Engineer in the Design Section of the Engineering Department of Dublin City Council.