The philosopher king and the Pictish nation

Julianna Grigg

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-563-7
May 2015. 232pp.

‘This is a volume in which many Irish scholars will find value, both as a way to a broader understanding of this period as well as another opportunity to consider the difference and similarities within Early Medieval kingdoms in the British Isles’, Kristen Erskine, Australian Journal of Irish Studies (2016).

‘There is much to be gained from a close reading of this book, and its author is to be congratulated on creative a narrative and a thesis from what is limited and difficult evidence … Grigg’s detailed review of the evidence from the Irish Annals shows a knowledge and understanding of current scholarship and will be particularly useful to the student reader … The book will no doubt become a “must read” for anyone interested in the Picts, and there is much to be gained from it. Grigg’s knowledge of the evidence is clear, and it is well laid out and explored, in a way that allows close reading’, Northern Scotland (2016).

‘This book is part of the wider, fruitful, trend in recent scholarship of reassessing the Picts, bringing them out of the Dark Ages and shedding light on a people who scholars are coming increasingly to recognize had much in common with their neighbours … This book offers new perspectives on the much discussed Easter dating controversy and the expulsion of Iona clerics from Pictland, as well as on a leader whose political strategy derived from his faith’, Catriona Anna Gray, Society for Medieval Archaeology (2016).