Periodicals and journalism in twentieth-century Ireland

Mark O'Brien & Felix M. Larkin editors

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‘An extraordinarily clever journalist’: Arthur Griffith’s editorships, 1899–1919
Colum Kenny

An Claidheamh Soluis agus Fáinne an Lae: ‘the turning of the tide’
Regina Uí Chollatáin

Irish-Ireland and Catholic Whiggery: D.P. Moran and The Leader
Patrick Maume

‘Challenging the headship of man’: militant suffragism and the Irish Citizen
Sonja Tiernan

The Worker: James Connolly’s ‘organ of the Irish working class’
James Curry

‘A tainted source’? The Irish Bulletin, 1919–21
Ian Kenneally

In a ‘comity of cultures’: the rise and fall of the Irish Statesman, 1919–30
Ian d’Alton

‘Humour is the safety valve of a nation’: Dublin Opinion, 1922–68
Felix M. Larkin

‘Where and what is Ireland?’: Fr Senan and the Capuchin Annual, 1930–54
Sonya Perkins

Other voices: The Bell and documentary journalism
Mark O’Brien

The Furrow: navigating the rapids, 1950–77
John Horgan

Hibernia: voices of dissent, 1968–80
Brian Trench

Hot Press: ‘a title at all of these windmills’
Joe Breen

‘The passion of particularlity’: Magill, 1977–90
Kevin Rafter