Archives and archivists 2

Current trends, new voices

Ailsa C. Holland & Elizabeth Mullins editors

Hardback €45.00
Catalogue Price: €50.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-365-7
November 2013. 240pp.

‘The theorising under the rubric of postmodernism showcases an impressive intellectual engagement with the foundation principles of the archives profession in Ireland. Both Antoinette Doran and Julie Brooks pay attention to the defining professional function of the archivist … One of the high points in this collection is a must-read essays by Pauline Swords dealing with the use of archives – or heritage generally – in establishing or shoring up community identity … This is another milestone book, not just from these editors and UCD, but from Four Courts Press whose back catalogue, as listed on the dust jacket, shows just how active the archival heritage sector is in this country. The combination of engagement – educational, publishing and practitioners – evidenced in this recent production is very impressive’, Jane Maxwell, Archives and Records (2015). 

‘The essays provide timely reflections on theoretical issues in the field … [this] is a crisp read of contemporary archival issues in Ireland composed by newly minted archival practitioners … a cohesive group of essays, attractively arranged, thoughtfully presented, and well argued’, Elizabeth A. Myers, Archival Issues (2014). 

‘It can be argued that the countrywide effort required to nurture and grow the fledgling archival profession has left little time for reflection upon the philosophy and process of being an archivist. Now that the second generation of archivists is moving centre-stage, it is heartening to note that such deliberations are taking place as evidenced by this timely volume, containing 13 wide-ranging essays. Thee essays are grouped into three categories: postmodernism and theory, perceptions and memory, and advocacy and archive users’ perspectives. They are based on theses undertaken in the first five years of the MA programme at UCD … The range and quality of these essays demonstrates that the Archives School at University College Dublin continues to deliver successfully on its commitment to professional formation and development … The editors and contributors are to be congratulated, as is the publisher for the quality of the production. This is the second volume in the series titled Archives and Archivists – we look forward to the third volume in due course’, Dr Mary E. Clark, Journal of the Irish Society for Archives (2014).

‘The second book of essays on archival practice and problems authored by postgraduate students in Ireland, Archives and Archivists 2 compiles fresh perspectives and approaches on a wide range of archival subjects through the lens of postmodernist theory … this book is attractively designed, opens easily in the hands, and has ample space for (pencil) note-taking … After reading Archives and Archivists 2 I am convinced that the sun is rising for archival users and practitioners in Ireland’, Peter K. Steinberg, Irish Studies Review (2014).