Devotional cultures of European Christianity, 1790–1960

Henning Laugerud & Salvador Ryan, editors

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May 2012. 236pp; colour ills.

Henning Laugerud & Salvador Ryan

The devotion of the simple and pure: devotional culture in the Haugean movement in Norway, 1796–1840
Arne Bugge Amundsen

Devotions and the old rite
Sheridan Gilley

The Redemptorists and the shaping of Irish popular devotion, 1851–1965
Brendan McConvery

Modernity and Catholic Restoration: the cases of the Blessed Anna Maria Giannetti Taigi and the Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora
Sarah Fiona Maclaren

The visual rhetoric of medals representing nineteenth-century Marian apparitions
Eli Heldaas Seland

Regnavit a ligno Deus: tradition and modernity in Liszt’s Via Crucis
Peter De Mey & David J. Burn

The return to byzantine painting tradition: Fotis Kontoglou and the aesthetical problem of twentieth-century orthodox iconography
Georgios Kordis

Fighting the disenchantment of the world: the instrument of medieval revivalism in nineteenth-century art and architecture
Henrik von Achen

‘When wicked men blaspheme Thee’: constructing the religious Order in English hymnody
Peter McGrail

The Spanish Civil War detentebalas: some notes on the materiality of the sacred Heart
Ewa Klekot

Religious emblems and cultural identity in Northern Ireland
E. Frances King