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Monday 03 August 2020 | New titles  

Over the last three months, we have released a number of exciting new titles ranging from local to national history, religion and politics, diplomacy and even a college history. Keep reading for a full list of recent publications and short piece about each.

Kildare by Seamus Cullen

This is the first comprehensive single volume history of County Kildare during the Irish Revolution of 1912-23. A noted garrison county, the concentration of British military personnel in Kildare was the highest in Ireland, and the Curragh was the most extensive military camp in the country.

Gaelic Ulster in the Middle Ages by Catherine Simms

This monumental book explores the neglected history of Gaelic Ulster between the eleventh and early sixteenth centuries, and sheds further light on its unique society.

DCU by Eoin Kinsella

This book chronicles the landmark achievements and many challenges faced by the university over four decades, placing them within the wider context of Irish higher education. 

The Ideal Diplomat by Ann Marie O'Brien 

This book is the first full study to examine the appointment and experiences of women in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs from 1946 to 1990. Focusing on the appointment and careers of Irish female diplomats, it examines their experiences in a historically male-centred career.

The Politics of Dublin Corporation, 1840-1900 by James H.Murphy

Dublin Corporation, the city’s council, was an ancient and prestigious body. In 1840 its system of voting was reformed to allow for more representation by Catholics. This book tells story of Dublin Corporation for the first time, focusing on the visions and conflicts of its members.

Adomnán's Lex Innocentium by James W. Houlihan 

This book studies the Irish law dating from AD 697, called Lex Innocentium or the Law of the Innocents and seeks to identify the place of this law in the history of the laws of war and, in so doing examines many of the relevant sources in the Christian West, with conclusions that some will find surprising.

Art O'Brien by Mary Mac Diarmada

London-born and reared, Art O’Brien’s journey from wealthy electrical engineer to leader of Irish militant nationalism in London was, by any measure, quite extraordinary. This book uses the life of O’Brien (1872–1949) as a central axis on which to construct an analysis of
Irish nationalism in London from 1900 to 1925.

The Churchwarden's Accounts of the parishes' of St Bride, St Michael Le Pole and St Stephen, Dublin, 1663-1702 by W.J.R Wallace

This is the ninth volume in the texts and calendars series published by Four Courts Press in association with the Representative Church Body Library. This volume traces the history of the parish of St Bride, united with the parishes of St Michael Le Pole and St Stephen, which served an area just outside the Dublin city walls. The accounts of its churchwardens complement the records of its vestry, and reveal how the parish recovered following the Restoration and developed in the eighteenth century.

The Daughters of the First Earl of Cork by Ann-Maria Walsh

Based on the recovery and analysis of the letters and private papers of the wife, daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters of Richard Boyle (1566–1643), first earl of Cork, this book examines how these women perceived and wrote their lives as individuals and as members of their famous family.