St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

A history

John Crawford & Raymond Gillespie, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-044-1
July 2009. 462pp; colour ills.

Dublin is an unusual city in having two Anglican cathedrals within a few hundred yards of each other, St Patrick’s cathedral and the diocesan cathedral of Christ Church. The history of St Patrick’s cathedral over the millennium of its existence, the first work to do so for almost two hundred years. It charts the impact of events such as the Reformation in the sixteenth century and disestablishment in the nineteenth century as well as chronicling the evolution of a local community through the architecture of the cathedral’s buildings and the music of its worship. As such the book casts into relief not only the life of the church but also the workings of the city and the country as a whole through their turbulent histories.

Contributors include: Toby Barnard, Howard B. Clarke, John Crawford, Alan J. Fletcher, Raymond Gillespie, Victor Griffin, Kerry Houston, Robert MacCarthy, Kenneth Milne, Michael O’Neill, Raymond Refaussé.

John Crawford is the vicar of the St Patrick’s Group of parish churches and author of The Church of Ireland in Victorian Dublin (2004). Raymond Gillespie is associate professor of history at NUI, Maynooth.