Social Life in Pre-Reformation Dublin, 1450–1540

Peadar Slattery

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-790-7
July 2019. 304pp; colour illustrations

“Peadar Slattery’s Social Life in Pre-Reformation Dublin, 1450–1540 is a scholarly account of late medieval Dublin that will appeal to both academic and general readerships. [It] contributes to an understanding of how the social, economic, and cultural roots of the vibrant and successful early modern city of Dublin were strongly enough established in the decades prior to 1540 to withstand the political and religious imbroglio of the mid- to later sixteenth century. Slattery’s understated arguments will undoubtedly encourage other scholars to pursue the issues as saliently and interestingly as he does in his eloquent study.” Colm Lennon, Journal of British Studies (61.4)

“Peadar Slattery seeks to add to studies on medieval Dublin by examining a broad range of Dublin's inhabitants and occupations, including merchants, brewers, clergy, guildsmen and their apprentices. In essence, this book shows how various citizens, predominantly successful merchants, managed and controlled Dublin from 1450–1540 … This book admirably showcases the lives of Dubliners, primarily the merchants and clergy. It is a useful introduction to the opportunities that Dublin had to offer its inhabitants and visitors in the later fifteenth century.” (Rowena McCallum, Irish Historical StudiesVolume 44Issue 165, May 2020)

"A new book by Dr. Peadar Slattery, 'Social Life in Pre - Reformation Dublin, 1450-1540', ... has opened up this fascinating and very important period of the history of our capital city in an excellently researched, accessibly presented and easily read book.", Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (August 2019).

"This is a rare book, an academic study that will certainty appeal to a popular readership. In remarkable detail, Dr Slattery describes what life was actually like for the people of Dublin in the final decades of the later Middle Ages ... Slattery's text is illustrated with several maps among its 31 figures. It has fourteen colour plates, mostly of items that will be new to readers, and fifteen tables ... this is an impressive book by any standards. Dr Slattery has transformed our understanding of late medieval Dublin and its inhabitants in a most readable manner.", Henry A. Jefferies, History Ireland (Nov- Dec 2019).

"If you have the slightest interest in Dublin, past or present, you should read this book ... The author's research has been meticulous and exhaustive ... Both Four Courts Press and Dr Slattery should be justly proud of this beautifully produced book." Pól O Duibhir, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. 72 No .2 (2020).

“Visually, this is an imposing volume, lavishly illustrated with fifteen tables, thirty-one figures, and fourteen colour plates”. Steven G. Ellis, Sixteenth Century Journal LI/3 (2020)