Carrick, County Wexford

Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold

Denis Shine, Michael Potterton, Stephen Mandal & Catherine McLoughlin, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-796-9
4 October 2019. 242 pp; large format, colour ills.


Foreword by Terry Barry 

Preface by Denis Shine, Michael Potterton, Stephen Mandal & Catherine McLoughlin

1. The Anglo-Norman colonisation of Wexford - Billy Colfer & Niall Colfer

2. A second Pale? The growth and decline of Anglo-Norman Wexford, c.1200-1400 - Michael Potterton

3. Town and county: the archaeology of medieval Wexford - Emmet Stafford

4. A history of Carrick - Denis Shine & Catherine McLoughlin

5. New investigations at the Carrick ringwork site - Denis Shine, Richard Reid, Stephen Mandal, Ashely Green & Richard Clutterbuck

6. Carrick town and manor: archaeologicl, geophysical and landscape assessment - Catherine McLoughlin & Ashely Green

7. The medieval park at Carrick - Fiona Beglane

8. Capturing Carrick: a digital approach to constructing and deconstructing the modern and relict landscape - Michael 'Bodhi' Rogers, Ryan Bouricius, Denis Shine & Stephen Mandal

9. The Crimean monument at Carrick: one tower, several stories - Derek O'Brien, Stephen Mandal & Isabel Bennett

10. The Irish National Heritage Park, home to Carrick: a personal reflection - Christopher Hayes

11.The Carrig field school: a model for the benefits of field-school education - Stephen Mandal, Ran Boytner, Denis Shine, Danny Zborover & Madekeine Harris

12. Remembering the Anglo-Normans in Wexford: 1969 and now - Denis Shine, Ronan O'Flaherty, Ian W.Doyle & Stephen Mandal