Church and Settlement in Ireland

James Lyttleton & Matthew Stout, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-728-0
August 2018. 296pp; ills.

Saint Patrick, the Church, and the Irish landscape
James G. Schryver

Using aggregative statistical techniques from narratology to analyse textual stability in Irish saints’ Lives, and the implications for dateability
Brian Ó Broin

The material culture of ecclesiastical landholding in two study areas of early medieval Ireland
Gill Boazman 

Christianizing the landscape of Mag Réta: home territory of the kings of Laígis
Tomás Ó Carragáin

Medieval Irish ecclesiastical fosterage
Lahney Preston-Matto 

The exclave parish and the geography of episcopacy in Ireland: 600 to 1300
Paul MacCotter

The mendicant orders in Ireland, thirteenth– sixteenth centuries
Annejulie Lafaye

An archaeological exploration of nunneries in the medieval landscape of Ireland
Tracy Collins

Mellifont Abbey’s monastic estate in counties Meath and Louth (1540–1)
Geraldine Stout

The ‘mass rock’ in eighteenth-century Ireland: the symbolic and historical past
David A. Fleming 

Mass-houses and meeting houses: Catholic and Presbyterian church design in eighteenth-century Ireland
Finbar McCormick