The Geraldines and medieval Ireland

The making of a myth

Peter Crooks & Seán Duffy, editors

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March 2017. 446pp; ills.

Gerald of Windsor and the origins of the Geraldines
Seán Duffy

Giraldus and the Geraldines
Huw Pryce

The Geraldines and the conquest of Ireland
Colin Veach

The early Geraldine castles of Ireland: some case studies
Linzi Simpson

Geraldine lordship in thirteenth-century Ireland
Brendan Smith

The dynastic ramifications of the Geraldines
Paul MacCotter

Rebellion and rehabilitation: the first earl of Desmond and the English scene
Robin Frame

The ascent and descent of Desmond under Lancaster and York
Peter Crooks

The Geraldines and Gaelic culture
Katharine Simms

The Geraldines and the culture of the wider world
Aisling Byrne

The Geraldines and the Irish: intermarriage, ecclesiastical patronage and status
Sparky Booker

The Great Earl of Kildare (1456–1513) and the creation of the English Pale
Steven G. Ellis

Geraldine endgame: reassessing the origins of the Desmond rebellion, 1573–9
David Edwards

The myth of ‘Silken Thomas’
Ciaran Brady

The battle for the Geraldines: a contested legacy in nineteenth-century Ireland
Ruairí Cullen