Law and the idea of liberty in Ireland from Magna Carta to the present

Peter Crooks & Thomas Mohr, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-740-2
March 2023. 320pp; ills

Peter Crooks and Thomas Mohr

Magna Carta in Ireland, 1215–1320
Paul Brand

Conquest and Common Law
Adrian Empey

Taking Liberties: Magna Carta and ‘Exclusionary Liberty’ in Later Medieval Ireland
Peter Crooks

Magna Carta and Political Theory in Seventeenth-Century Ireland
Ian Campbell

Nisi per legale judicium parium suorum: Trial by Peer in the Criminal Trial in Early Modern Ireland
Coleman A. Dennehy

Myth, Mervyn and the ‘Irish Magna Carta’ of 1662
Colum Kenny

‘Our Civil Rights and Liberties’: The Politics of Protestant Liberty in the Eighteenth Century
James Kelly

Daniel O’Connell v. The Chartists
Patrick Geoghegan

Law and Liberty in an Irish Free State
Thomas Mohr

Magna Carta Hiberniae and the Irish Statute Books
John Larkin

Magna Carta’s Influence in Modern Irish Constitutionalism since 1937

Bláthna Ruane