Dublin, 1910–1940

Shaping the city and suburbs

Ruth McManus

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-983-3
November 2021. New Edition. 512pp; ills.

"This is a scholarly book and there are copious footnotes and research data but with Ruth McManus's narrative skill the subject – the building of Dublin's suburbs, whether private speculative or Dublin Corporation driven – is an intriguing and human insight into the development of a very familiar urban landscape", Bernice Harrison, Irish Times

“The development of Dublin’s earliest real suburbs, heavily influenced by modern thinking on town planning, is meticulously detailed by Dr McManus, in some cases on a street-by-street basis. It is an illuminating book, all the more so for those who live in these areas, because it shows how they came into being in an era of thrift.” Frank McDonald, Irish Times

“Ruth McManus and Joseph Brady have been doing sterling work on the question of housing in Dublin for some time now. Their output is phenomenal ... In Dublin, 1910-1940 Ruth McManus looks at the wider issues of planning in the city and how some of the earliest suburbs developed not only through the works of the Corporation but by various other bodies, and by private developers ... This very readable and highly illustrated volume makes our daily experience of our city and suburbs a bit more comprehensible”. The Dublin Historical Record, Vol. 75. 2022