A history of the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry

Making medicines for the World

Pat McCarthy

Hardback €31.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-979-6
May 2021. 216pp. Colour Illustrated

“Given the significance of the sector to the Irish economy and society, it is timely that a history of the sector should be written. In ‘A History of the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry’, Pat McCarthy, who is a chemist, a noted historian, and a man who spent a long career in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, traces the fascinating history of this very important and influential component of the Irish economic model. As is the wont of the author, the book is interspersed with many interesting anecdotes, and lots of factual information … The history of the sector is fascinating, but readers will also be very interested in the challenges ahead for the sector in Ireland, some specific to the sector, and others of a more generic nature … The book is interspersed with social history, economic history, real economics, medicines and health, and of course politics. It is a fascinating read for anybody interested in the growth and development of this really important component of the Irish economy. It has survived and prospered through numerous economic cycles, and is now deeply embedded in the Irish economy and society … the road ahead looks promising, notwithstanding the threats and challenges that the author has expertly pointed out. It is also important to point out that the sector is becoming increasingly interspersed with smaller Irish companies who are doing some amazing things in this space.” Jim Power, The Irish Examiner