World War I and nationalist politics in County Louth, 1914–1920

Donal Hall

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ISBN: 978-1-85182-896-8
August 2005. 64pp.

This study is an exposition of the experience of war and revolution in one rural county in Ireland. The origins of the 1914 split in nationalism are traced to the fall of Parnell and despite the rise of radicalism, the war was central in public consciousness.

Using previously untapped sources, this study reconstructs this complex period, bringing the stories of the emergence of republican nationalism, the eclipse of modern nationalism and the Irish participation in World War I together.

Donal Hall  is a native of Dundalk and is co-author with Brendan Hall of a study on the Louth Militia, The Louth Rifles, 1877–1908 (Genealogical Society of Ireland, 2000).